Dropbox finally running on Jaunty

Yesterday I installed dropbox on my Ubuntu Jaunty, after the installation was finished I try run it, first through the dropbox menu in the Application -> Internet -> Dropbox but it only show the icon on the notification panel for about a second then disappear. Led by curiosity I try to run it with Gnome Terminal by issuing the command

 $ dropbox start

but an error appear (I forget to keep the error message) saying something about BadIDChoiche or something like that. So I try to googling hoping to find some trick or solution to overcome this problem, obviously the same problem happens to another people and some trick were available like disabling any special effect, installing the latest build and so on, but nothing works on my machine, so I give it up for a while.

Later that night, at home I try to run dropbox again but this time I was offline, yup I’m not connected to the internet, and a second later the dropbox setup popup asking me to configure the connection!!

So I’m thinking maybe it got smoething todo with the initial connection when dropbox start, so this morning I think I’ll test it.

So I connect to the net, I try to run dropbox again, and yup the problem persist, same problem, same error message (I forget to save the error message, again). And then I pull the plug and I’m offline, start dropbox again and walla, the setup dialog appear again asking me to configure the connection, so without closing the setup dialog I plug into the net and continue with the connection configuration, it ask me to link it with a dropbox account (which I already have) and all went well. It finishes the configuration and second latter the tour dialog box appear, I click forward until it closes and dropbox continue with the synchronization with my dropbox account. After that I try to stop dropbox and start it again, this time it run,  now I can use dropbox from within nautilus.


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