TuDuLis, simple web-based todo list management with CakePHP

It’s been a while :D

Recently I just create a simple todo list application powered with CakePHP framework. I called the application TuDuLis. The application is inspired from 37signal’s tadalist application. I like tadalist because of its simplicity and strong focus, it’s just do what it intended to do, which is to manage todo list, and that’s all, and that is where I think its strong point lies.

So I try to make something similar, and I thought it would be fun to create it with another language (tadalist is made with Ruby and Ruby on Rails framework) so I choose PHP and CakePHP application framework (mostly because PHP and CakePHP is the only language and framework I know beside Ruby and RoR :P).

Some Screenshots

The application is freely available on http://github.com/rahmat-budiharso/tudulis

Some of the features are:

  • You can ceate List of task and tasks (obviously)
  • Ajax enabled
  • To mark a task as finished, simply click on the checkbox in front of every task
  • Finished task can be undo or mark as unfinished by clearing the checkmark
  • Finished task can be delete by clicking on the delete button next to each finished task
  • Only a list with all of its tasks are finished can be deleted

So feel free to try it out :)


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