Spanish translation for

In my previous post, I mention that is now support internationalization or i18n, and it’s currently only support English and Indonesian. But thanks to the generosity of Rodrigo Perez, now also support Spanish. Since I can only speak English (beside Indonesian of course), I’ll be very happy if there’s somebody who want to do the translation to other languages :)

To translate to other language, you can copy the eng directory in app/locale directory, change the name to the language code you’re about to translate (like esp for spanish, eng for english, or ind for indonesian), refer to ISO 639-2 for a list of available language code, put it back in the same directory as the eng directory and edit the LC_MESSAGES/default.po file with any application that can edit po files (like poedit), and place the resulting file in the same directory as the default.po file, and that’s it. After you done all that you can email me if you want your translation to be added to :)


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